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What It Does

Your menu, marketing and ordering on any device instantly.

Not every customer eats in. In fact, taking food to go and other forms of off-site dining are amongst the biggest trends in the industry. A restaurant's ability to build on that demand has a lot to do with how easily customers can stay in the loop - from knowing your items, noticing specials or changes and having a quick way to get down to ordering.

OrdrUs helps you do all of it in one simple design. From your menu, to your marketing to great online ordering, you'll give every customer a great way to be part of your business. Best of all, OrdrUs connects you directly to customers, with a no-middleman approach.

OrdrUs - The Basics

What OrdrUs is, simply put.

An Online Menu

We provide an online menu for your restaurant. Customers browse items and place orders through it. They use any device they like - smartphones, tablets, computers.

A Single Address

Your menu has one fast & simple address on the internet. Customers can open your menu and ordering in any web browser, on any device.

Works From Your Site & Elsewhere

We help add a menu/ordering button to your own web site. You can also add a link to your menu and ordering to your profile and posts on social media.

Great Online Ordering

Choose the options that work right for your business: pickup, delivery and curbside. You can set particular hours, amount minimums and more for each service independently.

Powerful Marketing

What customers notice is what they know. OrdrUs provides great marketing tools that work right on the menu at no extra cost. These help keep customers up-to-date and interested.

Direct Connection To Customers

What's lost for many restaurants who rely on online services is a direct connection to customers. OrdrUs isn't aggregation - we connect customers directly to you and put you back at the center of business online.

Smart Business

OrdrUs is built to help you get more orders but also to handle them better. Our smart features like instant notifications, ticket printing and more ensure you can handle business with greater ease and better results.

That's OrdrUs in a nutshell. See the great things you can do with it.

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