A simple way restaurants do better online

All that stuff you don't like about how online business works? Skip it. OrdrUs is a different choice in doing modern restaurant business online.

We've operated since 2014 with a simple principal of getting restaurants closer to customers for more personal and valuable business - and no one gets you closer than OrdrUs. See how different your online business could be.

What You Can Do

Five key tools that work as one

See What You Can Do

Menu Anywhere

Create giant access to your menu online - like being there to hand one out the moment a customer needs it

Take Orders

Accept online orders from any customer and offer a range of service that encourages them to keep you as a first-choice location

Run Specials + Promote

Easily run any kind of special or temporary item. Keep customers fresh by marketing right from your menu.

Get Feedback

Get direct customer feedback so you know what's good and what can improve

Know Customers

Create simple situational awareness that helps staff handle customers with the focus required