Software that makes your restaurant better

OrdrUs is mostly about two things - what you serve and getting customers who aren't eating in to order it.

Your in-house customers get lots of support being customers - from your signage, menus, staff and ambiance. But customers who would order pickup or delivery don't have nearly that level of touch to help them start and stay as valuable parts of your business.

That's what OrdrUs helps you do.

What You Can Do

OrdrUs is online menuing and ordering combined with a no-middleman approach.

Any number of apps, platforms and point-of-sale software offer tools for building online business. In every case, though, a restaurants own business model - what you need and want to get done - isn't quite the business model of a service.

OrdrUs has a unique approach - honed since 2014 - to keeping online business easy, thoughful and friendly for any customer that might find you or want an easy way to be part of your business.

Menu Anywhere

Create giant access to your menu online - like being there to hand one out the moment a customer needs it.

Take Orders

Accept online orders from any customer and offer a range of service that encourages them to keep you a first choice.

Run Specials + Update Easily

Easily run any kind of special or temporary item. Keep customers fresh by marketing right from your menu.

Get Feedback

Get direct & private customer feedback so you know what is working well and what can improve.

Know Customers

Create simple situational awareness that helps staff handle customers with the focus required.

We've made many smart decisions about how modern restaurants can work better online. You only need to make one - give OrdrUs 45 days and see how we can help you grow.