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Getting new customers and keeping current ones is a big part of restaurant success. It's a simple formula but can be difficult to accomplish. OrdrUs turns your menu into a natural part of doing it all better.

The heart of our service is a menu that any customer can use instantly, on practically any device. That menu gets your items, marketing and incentives in their hands and expertly handles orders back into your restaurant.

Turn Growing Into Something You Do

For many restaurants and food locations, once you open your doors, the available ways to keep customers and engage first-timers are few. OrdrUs helps you do both. OrdrUs will turn growing into something you can do on a daily basis, with progress you can track and results you can plan for.

Customers will enjoy easy access to your restaurant. They'll browse your menu from anywhere and place orders in less time than a phone call. They'll be impressed by smooth service and keep up with changes and the efforts you make to keep them interested. Best of all, OrdrUs connects customers directly to you for a no-middleman feel.

What OrdrUs Provides

The Better Way To Order

• The simplest online and mobile ordering

Run pickup, curbside and delivery, depending on what you offer. Set services to run at different times and with separate rules. Our new enhanced pickup lets your customer know the moment their food comes out.

• A superwide front door

Nothing makes you more available to more people than OrdrUs. We work on any type of device instantly, with no downloading or account setup. Compared to any other service, we place the minimum burden on your customer. That's important too. Every customer has welcome access - not just your most motivated fans.

• A menu that's everywhere

Almost every order starts with a menu and OrdrUs makes it easy to put your menu everywhere customers might find or follow you. Just like your handle on social media, you OrdrUs menu has one simple, short and memorable address so customers always know how to reach it. Your menu requires no updating and is fresh and current every time a customer opens it.

Naturally Great Marketing

• Market right from your menu

Nothing beats showing customers what you'd like them to know right where they're already looking. With OrdrUs you can reduce the busywork of email and instead market right from your menu.

• Use photos brilliantly

An icy lemonade on a hot day. A steamy soup when it's cold out. A picture that brightens the appeal of a new item. OrdrUs makes it easy to use images as part of your marketing.

• Specials that really work

Specials come in all sorts: flash, daily, weekly, seasonal, temporary items and more. Many places would do more with specials if it was easy to get them in front of customers and sold reliably. Other ordering services need too much lead time to make specials work. OrdrUs is different - your menu can be updated quickly and in real time so you can be as flexible as you want to be.

Smarter Promotion

• Target promotions for the results you really want

Skip open-ended discounts and instead target promotions to the actions you really want to accomplish. Launch new items with momentum. Reward customers without having a complex loyalty program. Easily design promotions that get attention.

• Do more with social media

An OrdrUs menu gives you an important tool to make your efforts on social media count for more. Your OrdrUs menu link fits easily and legibly right inside your posts to social media for deeply viral distribution which also puts action right where you're already putting inspiration.

• See into your customer base

Have you added new customers this week or month? Are they ordering more? Are specials selling? Is social media working? With OrdrUs you'll get to know how your customer base is doing business with your restaurant and how well your efforts can affect their behavior.

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