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OrdrUs is online menuing and ordering that helps you create more business directly with customers near you. With OrdrUs, your menu can do more of the business-building tasks your restaurant thrives on. And you can rely less on large platform services that sap your profit and divert customers from dealing with you directly.

How OrdrUs Helps

OrdrUs helps drive traffic to your restaurant's site and menu. With class-leading online ordering those customers get orders in to your restaurant even quicker than a phone call would. And OrdrUs is designed to make it operationally easy on your location.

We Help New Customers Find You

Right now a search for your restaurant by name probably lands on your site. But many new customers are not looking for you - instead they are searching by item, cuisine or neighborhood. They might type in "salads around me" or "juice bar near me".

With these typical search terms, individual restaurants have a limited ability to show up reliably and actionably. That's where an OrdrUs menu helps. Our enhanced encoding helps your menu & ordering surface for common search queries new customers make. OrdrUs can drive traffic to your menu and site and keep those customers from being siphoned off to expensive 3rd-party platforms.

We Help Make Your Menu Available

A typical online menu only lives on your site. And a menu on a platform service only lives on their site. Your OrdrUs menu is different. It surfaces easily in search and lives anywhere you can place a link: your site, within your profile on review sites such as Yelp and even directly within your email marketing or posts you make to Twitter, Facebook and more.

We Make It Easy To Keep Your Menu Fresh

Online menus go out-of-date, get stale and are hard to keep in sync. Instead of hoping customers don't use them, OrdrUs gives you a menu that is easy to keep fresh and current, even with specials.

Any changes you make to your menu are live instantly, with no waiting period or downtime. Best of all, the same menu provides ordering with a touch so customers can decide to order without switching tasks.

We Help Any Customer Place Any Order

Our instant online ordering helps your customers do more business with you. We have workflows you set to flexibly allow any manner of ordering: pickup, notified pickup, curbside, delivery, catering and more. And any kind of order - from small spur-of-the-moment ones to large complex ones - is easy to place on OrdrUs.

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