Online ordering doesn't have to be things restaurants dislike

Your menu & ordering stuck behind the wall of a site or app

High costs which can mean busy-ness instead of business

Middleman services that cut your direct connection to customers

A Fresh Way Restaurants Can Work Online

Customers want a quick, hassle-free way to keep up with their favorite places and do business in a blink. That's OrdrUs.

Since 2014 we've worked with one simple goal: think like an owner and ask ourselves what we can do that helps you build clientele and business too?

A menu as open as your front door

Good business starts with hospitality. That's where OrdrUs starts too.

Your OrdrUs menu opens for any customer and is always ready to show what you have and provide convenient ordering. It's as refreshing and hassle-free as a paper menu.

Low costs that mean business

OrdrUs works with a single, low percentage and no other costs - so the benefits of better ordering are yours.

Our unequalled ordering options also help you earn smarter. Set service that protects your margins and fits your staffing. You'll find it easy to accomodate more customers and more business on your terms.

A middleman-free connection

With a direct connection to customers, OrdrUs features help you do business in ways you haven't been able to yet.

We desig what other services have no incentive to. And we're working to make the benefits of connecting better an integral part of your restaurant's success.

How OrdrUs

Menu Anywhere

Create giant access to your menu - like being there to hand one out the moment a customer needs it.

Take Orders

Accept online orders from any customer and offer a range of service that encourages them to keep you a first choice.

Run Specials + Market Directly

Easily run any kind of special or temporary item. Keep customers fresh by marketing right from your menu.

Get Feedback

Get direct & private customer feedback so you know what's working and what needs to improve.

OrdrUs is full of smart decisions about how modern restaurants can work online. We invite you to find out. Try 100 orders with OrdrUs and see how we can help.