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Your #1 Tool Is Your Restaurant

Not too long ago, customers had drawers full of menus from local restaurants. It worked well enough and was easy for everyone. The internet changed that model and buried simply connecting to a restaurant under an avalanche of stuff: ratings, reviews, downloads, searches and more.

OrdrUs moves things forward and also takes them back. We provide a deliciously simple connection to your menu and restaurant. One that any customer can use instantly to browse items or place orders. We're online menuing. We're online ordering. All with a no-middleman approach that puts you back at the center of your local customers.

A Better Connection

With OrdrUs, customers have the most instant experience of your restaurant - practically like picking up a paper menu. They see everything you have. They notice what's new. They build orders easily and place them even faster. And you can support their interest with a load of features that help grow and keep business.

Your Best Menu

Always Fresh & Available

Almost every order starts with a menu, and that's where OrdrUs starts too. We make it effortless for customers to find and use yours.

Most importantly, we remove all the speedbumps. Customers open your menu from anywhere, on any device. There is no downloading and no updating - your menu is fresh and accurate every time it opens. An OrdrUs menu works like a single sheet of paper for fast, intuitive browsing. Customers don't use a back button or any "drill down". They love that.

Put Your Changes Out There

The changes you make are what you'd love customers to notice. It's easy with OrdrUs.

We're pioneering tools that let you market right from your menu. This might be items you've added or changed or specials you run. OrdrUs gives you simple control over specials so whatever you want to try - weekly, seasonal, pop-up daily - you'll have an effective way to present it to customers for increased sales and interest.

Be Everywhere Customers Are

Having an amazing location helps you do amazing business. OrdrUs works the same way online, giving your restaurant and OrdrUs menu great local visibility and deliciously easy access.

OrdrUs opens from your own web site and wherever you post your menu. But customers in the immediate area also get to your menu from any OrdrUs menus in the very same area. This gentle neighborhood grouping gives local customers an easy way to check you out and makes them more likely to do so.

Your Best Ordering

Strike While Hot

Hungry customers want to dive in. OrdrUs let's them. Our ordering is streamlined and gets rid of the complexity of other services. With OrdrUs there is no account setup, no filling out extra information, nothing to remember. Customers browse and build orders the instant the urge hits them.

Like A Great Waiter

Conventional online orders slow your kitchen with open-ended "special instructions" customers add to items.

Your OrdrUs menu is encoded deeper than any other service, to reflect how customers really order. It's like having a good waiter online. We capture and standardize the fine details customers depend on so they can get items the way they like without any typing. Kitchens love that. Customers too.

Business Every Which Way

OrdrUs offers a range of workflows to suit how you'd like customers to do business with your location. These include Pickup, Delivery, Curbside, Notified Pickup and Catering options. All workflows can be set independently so you can mold business to fit your staff and level of activity.

Even Better

No Overhead Cost

No Contract

Nothing Needed

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