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Most restaurants want to accomplish a few simple goals: to find more customers, do more business per day, fatten profit margins, run with ease and consistency that brings customers back. That's OrdrUs. We're simple web-based software backed by professionals that help your restaurant get those real things done.

Since 2014 we've helped over a hundred restaurants build larger and healthier businesses. We're a combination of online menuing and ordering together with crafty operational and marketing features. We raise your restaurant's appeal and create easy and welcoming access that turns into better business.

See how we fit restaurants just like yours. Opening a new restaurant? You might be in a new area for us. We have special rates in that case.

Our Key Features Help Your Restaurant

Order Flows

OrdrUs online ordering supports the widest variety of workflows. Offer Pickup ordering that's faster than a phone call. Or Notified Pickup which pings customers the moment their order is ready. Attract even more customers with the convenience of Curbside or Delivery ordering.

Your Best Menu

Your menu is your most important asset online and can be more than a list of items. The OrdrUs menu we provide helps you capture the details of your food and ordering the way a good waiter might. It works simply and quickly in a way customers love.


Platform services like Seamless and Grubhub purport to be a great source of customers. However a lot of what they do is to siphon off web traffic looking for your kind of restaurant or even your own restaurant and then route it to their platform. We'll help you take back control of your internet presence so customers find you first and directly.

On Demand Delivery

Delivery can be a new profit center for your restaurant, reaching customers you don't yet reach. Use our on-demand delivery feature to power your local delivery or to supplement your existing delivery with extra capacity.

High Touch

If you've felt that most technology gets between you and customers - or if most companies get between you and customers - you'll like how OrdrUs works. Our open and no-middleman approach will fit how you want to do business.

Lower Costs

OrdrUs understands the goal of your restaurant and the business of it too. We're a smart combination of low-cost and high-return that provides value you can build business with.


We're not an app. Apps are a barrier to entry for customers, especially new ones. OrdrUs is browser-based and provides a hassle-free welcome on whichever device your customer chooses.

Market Smart

We're experts at recognizing untapped demand in your very local area and helping you reach it. We help you market your location through a combination of conventional, social media and online means.

Rest Easy

OrdrUs is designed and improved with continuous feedback from restaurants like yours. You'll recognize ease-of-use that's been earned in kitchens and front-of-houses. If you need support, direct help is always on-tap.

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