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Your menu is mostly designed to work in your restaurant - but it can do even more for your business online. That's OrdrUs. We make it simple for any food location to turn what they already do into stronger and more personal business.

With OrdrUs, you reach customers directly and build your own relationship, free from the middlemen effect of platforms and networks. You also reach deeper into your local customer base by making it easy and interesting for any customer to be part of your business.

How OrdrUs Works

The heart of our service is an online menu that can be placed anywhere and everywhere online. An OrdrUs menu creates wide access to your restaurant and is a preferrable way customers keep connected. And once they are, we provide the tools to help you make the absolute most of that connection.

What You Can Do With OrdrUs


Our high-quality menus are designed just for you. They look great and get your menu in any customers hands instantly on any device


Online ordering that is faster than a phone call and as sharp on the details as a good waiter

Notified Pickup

Do better pickup with order notifications which coordinate customers and their order for fresher food and easier flow


Provide coordinated curbside service for the ultimate in customer convenience

Set Specials

Easily set specials and weekly or seasonal items to keep customers fresh and interested

Limited Items

If your location sells fresh items with limited inventory, OrdrUs makes it simple to promote, sell and manage them online

Menu Marketing

Market and promote directly from your menu where customers are most apt to notice

Customer Orientation

Let new customers know what you're about and focus their attention on what is likely to interest or attract them

Reach Customers Directly

Build an easy and valuable connection directly to customers in your area

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