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Features That Work

The details of getting things done

A great result in any business involves many details working together. OrdrUs is built the same way. We've chosen and developed the features, touches and details that are proven to attract customers and repeat business. Some of them are big things. Some are very small. But together they give your customer the best experience of your restuarant.

The Right Ingredients

A Lovable Menu

Welcome customers with a menu they'll love to use. An OrdrUs menu is fast-loading, fits any device automatically and doesn't require downloading. Customers browse your menu's single-page design easily.

Instant On

Your speedy OrdrUs menu launches in a fraction of the time other services require and has no extraneous interaction like account setup. It's open and order.

Your Look & Feel

Your OrdrUs menu is designed to suit your look and feel. We use colors, fonts and design elements that fit your branding. No templates here.

Be Special

Your specials go right at the top of your OrdrUs menu where they won't be missed. Extra visibility is also extra opportunity to keep customers engaged with any type of temporary items you can imagine.

Post Messages

Your menu is where customers are already looking. With OrdrUs you can post messages and images to your menu to quickly update customers or point out what you'd like them to notice. It's instant and realtime marketing.

Ordering Features

Order-Ahead Pickup

Your customers can know the moment their pickup order is ready. They'll happily skip waiting and you will love getting food out at peak freshness within a smooth flow of business.

Easy Curbside

Curbside supports business when the weather is bad, parking is tight or customers have a car full of kids. It fits great in the suburbs but also works in urban environments where bikes or baby strollers are common.


Run delivery easily, with orders preformatted with information you need. You can set delivery on it's own schedule, with order minimums, delivery charges, estimated wait times and delivery instructions.

That's The Way

Customer love to order foods they way they're used to - a little more of this, none of that, just so. With OrdrUs, customers can get food the way they like in just a few touches, without relying on cumbersome "special instructions".

Faster Than The Phone

OrdrUs makes it easy for customers to order the moment inspiration strikes them - even faster than calling on the phone. No barriers and zero hassles keep customers reaching for your location.

Marketing Features

Menu Distribution

Your OrdrUs short menu link reads easily and opens your menu from wherever you post it. You'll add it to your Facebook posts, your restaurant profile pages and marketing emails. It's like being there to hand out a menu wherever customers find you.

Market What's New

Customers have their go-to items but also love to see what's new and different. We make it easy. You can market your changes and specials right at the top of the menu.

Go Main Street

Our smarter form of aggregation is modeled on how a busy main street works. With OrdrUs, every nearby customer has easy access to your menu and ordering - even if they never hit your own web site or a search engine.

Easy Social Media Ordering

If you are active on social media, your customers can enjoy the convenience of ordering directly from your posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

Show Up In Search - SEO

Our unique menu encoding helps you show up more readily when customers go looking for you or the items or cuisines you serve.

Operations Features

Less Us, More You

Most online services get between you and your customer - with reviews, emails, ratings, comments and even ads. OrdrUs is simply you and an experience that is 100% about your items and ordering them.

One Menu Everywhere

Say goodbye to out-of-sync menus that puzzle customers. Your OrdrUs menu launches from anywhere you post it. Update one menu and have your changes reflected everywhere instantly.

On Demand Delivery

OrdrUs sets up convenient and local delivery networks that can let your restaurant outsource delivery for a fraction of the cost of working with Door Dash, Uber Eats or similar.

All Fulfillment Choices

Be really open for business. Unlike many ordering services, OrdrUs offers your customers all types of fulfillment (pickup, curbside, delivery & more) and lets them move between choices easily.

Real Pricing

Expensive services can lead you to raise prices on their menus. That can annoy customers and be a turn-off. OrdrUs is value-priced to help you keep your real prices and do your most competitive business.

What stands in the way of better business? We solve that

When we're busy, service gets breaks down. I need to run more smoothly.

I don't want to rely on delivery - it's a pain. I want better pickup.

No one notices the changes I make. Marketing that works would be great.

Parking is a problem here. I want to run Curbside.

I'm tired of paying so much to ordering services. I want really lower costs.

We're not a 'takeout' place but I want to add more ways of doing business.

New customers come in. I want a simple way to draw them back.

I want to add delivery without the expense and headaches.

I want customers to love my place even when they're not eating in.

Raise A Glass To Better Business

Handle orders any which way

Get incoming orders on any device. You can see your orders on a computer, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone.

If you have a way to access your tickets, you have all you need to use OrdrUs. You can also hook up optional printing and print tickets with one touch.

Add OrdrUs to aggregation services you already use

With OrdrUs running alongside aggregation services, you can give customers who find you through those services the better option of connecting directly to your restaurant. Your OrdrUs menu makes it easy - with clearer presentation, simpler operation and one-of-a-kind features customers can't get anywhere else.