Technomic's 2015 food trends report. One thing catches our eye.

"We want BYO-everything!" Customers are falling in love with in-your-own-kitchen flexibility.

Technomic, the restaurant-industry consultancy, released details from their 2015 food trends report. One was of particular interest to us: that customers are developing strong preferences for build-your-own menu items. These are exactly the kind of 'complex' ordering that OrdrUs was built to make easier.

According to Technomic, a full 51% of their survey respondents considered customization "highly important in creating good value". And 'value' was felt in two ways - by helping a customer experience more variety (67%) as well as through allowing control over their spending (23%).

As Technomic put it, simply: "Customers are interested in a build-your-own format in everything."


Though many concepts and operators have items suited to customization (like pizza, burritos, salads and sandwiches) there remains a wariness about allowing the customer too much control.

From our own interviews, a main concern is that build-your-own options increase opportunities for the restaurant to 'get it wrong' - both in preparation and in order-input/pricing errors.

Oftentimes, your most appealing items are the ones customers would like to specify most. And in the tug-of-war between operating efficiency and giving the customer 'what they want', it's easy to end up at odds - where the customer shies away from making item changes they would prefer - and the owner is put awkwardly into a position of enforcing ordering restrictions that are often circumvented by waitstaff or servers.


But OrdrUs can help make this a better process. Our ordering is designed to make it simpler for your customer to order complex and detailed items online. Some features are customer-focused (our item-specialized user interfaces) and some are kitchen-focused (our natural language tickets).

If you are interested in seeing how your existing or planned items might benefit from our BYO know-how, please get in touch. 2015 might be the start of something new for your restaurant!

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