Instagram's Hyperlapse

The release has been breathless and hyper, but Instagram's new time lapse app lets you shoot engaging visual content in an appealing format.

Instagram have released a free iOS-only app called Hyperlapse that creates smooth time-elapsed movies using just the camera on your iPhone or iPad.

As Instagram point out on their blog, time lapse photography has traditionally required holding the camera still. Think tripod. Steady hands don't cut it. But thanks to innovative stabilization processing, Hyperlapse can create smoothly flowing time-lapses just from the regular way you handle your device.


Time lapse videos are sped up to show longer footage in a shorter period of time. Hyperlapse lets you choose rates between 1x and 12x. At that maximum setting, for example, two minutes of live 'video' will play in 10 seconds.

If your restaurant's social media efforts depend on sharing visual content, you now have a way to compress long content into a format that fits the short, bite-sized consumption patterns most likely to get retweets and likes. Ten seconds of your new burrito being made isn't that interesting. But a minute of it that goes by in 10 seconds is a different thing entirely.

Whatever you are filming, from the production of a food item to the busy scene in your store, you can skip time-consuming editing and post richer content as easily as you would post a photograph. Time lapse can turn non-obvious material (making a cappuccino for example) into an engaging slice-of-life.


Your videos are not limited to Instagram and you do not need to be an Instagram user. Hyperlapse is a stand-alone app.

When you record videos, sharing links to Instagram and Facebook are available at the end of the process. But Hyperlapse saves the movies directly to your device's camera roll, so they can be re-shared in any medium you prefer, including as video posted to your web site.

App users on an iPhone 4 can shoot up to 10 minutes of video. iPhone 5 users have up to 45 minutes. Note that on Instagram your time-lapse 'photo' is shared as a video, and is thus limited to 15 seconds of final length.

Operation also couldn't be easier. One button to start and stop - and you only need set the compression speed between 1x-12x.

What it works on: iOS7 devices, including iPhone4 and up, iPads, and 5th generation iPod touches.

Where to find it: Get Hyperlapse in the Apple app store

Any cost? No, it's a free app.

Android? Not currently.

Read more about it: A good link is this live test of Hyperlapse from The Verge.

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