The benefits of ordering that works from your site

OrdrUs ordering service works from your restaurant's web site. Simply, your customer clicks a button on your site and your OrdrUs menu opens, ready for ordering. We made a short video about it a while back:


OrdrUs works simply on whatever type of devices your customers use. Many online ordering services, however, work differently.

Some mix app-based and web-based approaches. This means your customers who use a computer can order from a web site, while customers on smartphones have to download an app before they can order.

In either case, a customer usually has to create an account, pick a password, confirm the account, log in, and enter payment information. And - if you're on a smartphone - the whole process starts with downloading an app and entering another password to do so.

Customers that sign up may have also have to set email or privacy preferences.

That's suddenly a lot of stuff standing between a customer and their order - between your customer and your restaurant.


If you built a restaurant to feel welcoming, it would probably have a wide, open door. Nice lighting inside, with big clean windows. It would be inviting.

That was our model for OrdrUs. To feel good to your customers. Not complex like filling out paperwork. Simple, like an extension of your own front door.

With OrdrUs, there is no signing up process, no choosing and noting a password, no entering credit card information, no downloading. It's open and order - with safeguards that work behind the scenes and under the hood.

Your ordering opens right from your web site no matter what kind of device your customer is using: smartphones, tablets, or computers.

With speed-bumps removed, end-users (food orderers) tend to like using OrdrUs. It helps generate good results like a fast uptake of ordering amongst your customers and more consistent usage.


There are a few other benefits that come along with the simpler approach OrdrUs takes. The first important one is about distribution.

When you want customers to start placing orders online, it helps to let them know you offer it. Experience has shown that the most effective method of doing so is simply to tell them.

OrdrUs is easy to talk about

There's no long story or detailed explanations required. Any variation of 'You can order from our web site' is enough to tell customers all they need to know. And the ease of their initial use confirms that it's worth their time and effort.

Employees can point out your new service quickly too, in their own words, and all in the regular course of business.

Easier customer uptake

As mentioned, OrdrUs helps speed customer uptake because your service feels like it comes directly from you. It feels like another part of your restaurant.

That's natural for most customers and we support it by staying completely behind the scenes. OrdrUs doesn't have any direct contact with your customers. It's just you and them.

More facts on the ground

A third benefit of our service, running from your web site, is that customers are more likely to give you feedback directly.

It may seem a small point, but the feedback you get from customers plays an important role in making your online ordering a success.

An online menu isn't always an instant fit. Does it present items the way customers know them? Does it let them order things the way they're used to? Did you take something off that customers really like? Or should you put something on?

With more distant 3rd-party services - especially those that put the emphasis on themselves - you can lose out on that conversation. Customers can perceive those services as a disconnected part of your business.

It's an important point for us too. We're already working on several enhancements that can help your menu feel even more familiar and closer to customers.

But the way OrdrUs already works boils down to a firm belief that your customers really like to deal with you. And nowhere does this seem more fitting than in the face-to-face business of restaurants. We hope you agree!

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