Customer relations, short & sweet

From one of David Flaherty's excellent posts over at Nation's Restaurant News comes a particularly keen piece of advice. In Flaherty's article "The Golden Rules of Bartending", Chris Elford, a bartender at the Seattle bar Canon, lays out a wonderfully simple procedure he employs with bar guests. It's a greeting process that might as well extend to all restaurant customers:

“The first interaction with the guest should be nothing but a cheerful, ‘Welcome!’ followed by asking if they have been in before, followed by [if they're first-timers] asking how they found you. Now you have had a quick conversation, welcomed the guest and gotten key information on just why they are in your bar in the first place.”

Mr. Elford's idea is a nice piece of hospitality. Just knowing that a restaurant has thought about how to say hello to a guest will likely give many customers extra confidence that they've made a good choice.

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