Dealing With Coronavirus?

6 Ways We Can Help

If your restaurant has been restricted to pickup/takeout business, OrdrUs can help you do more business. We provide the types of ordering your customers will want to use now: Notified Pickup, Curbside and Delivery. We also provide an ordering menu you'll easily get to customers.

The Ordering You Need Now


All the methods of ordering we support are part of social distancing best-practices that your customers and employees will be happy to see. Notified Pickup let's you automatically message a customer when they should come in to pick up their completed order. Curbside ordering let's them message your location once they are parked outside.

The Easiest Menu To Distribute


Your menu and hours may have changed. Your customers need to know what you have and when you have it in order to keep being a part of your business and your changes. An OrdrUs menu is a link that opens for any customer, instantly on whichever device they have. And every time they open the menu, it's current and up-to-date.

Updates Are Included & Fast


Your menu and inventory may be changing often. OrdrUs menu updates can take place in real-time and our staff is available 7 days a week to make them for you. No matter what changes you make, your OrdrUs is fresh and up-to-date every time a customer opens it.

We Work Quickly


Our focused platform and six years of experience help us to get locations open quickly - often within two or three days. Starting and using OrdrUs isn't a complex process and won't take long.

No Special Equipment Needed


If you have a phone/smartphone and an internet-capable computer or tablet in your location, you have everything you need to start using OrdrUs.

No Strings Attached


OrdrUs works without a long-term contract or any upfront costs. The monthly fee collected on sales is the only charge and you can end your service at any time.