Easy Details

Restaurants have different needs and OrdrUs breaks out our service so you can flexibly get what you want. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time as there are no long-term contracts and service is always month to month. OrdrUs is available in a full version, web-site only and online-ordering only.

Our Pricing

How does pricing work?

Your restaurant may want to add just online ordering to an existing web site, need a new web site and online ordering, or only need a web site. OrdrUs is priced for any of the three.

What's included with online-ordering only service?

Online-ordering service is 3% of the pre-tax order value that goes through your menu each month. That's the only charge. It includes:

• Full-featured OrdrUs online ordering service hooked to your existing site and set up for your Google listing

• A unique short URL for your menu, to make it easy to spread and promote on social media, in email and more

• All basic features and enhanced ones like pickup notification, customer feedback and more

What's included with web-site only service?

Web-site only service is $35 per month for restaurants that choose not to add online ordering. That's the only charge. It includes:

• A custom designed web site launched on your domain

• SEO setup and monthly web site hosting

• Included content updates

• Unique restaurant-specific site modules

• Our uniquely wonderful OrdrUs site menu

What's included in full OrdrUs service?

Full-service OrdrUs is $15 per month and 3% of the pre-tax value of orders that flow through the menu each month. Those are the only charges. It includes everything listed for both ordering and web site services.

How do I get in touch?

Contact Us

We are happy to answer your questions and there's no big sales process. We're widely available on chat and answer emails promptly.

How quickly can I be taking orders?

We have a dedicated design team which helps us have many customers live within a week.

What do I need to start using OrdrUs?

If you have a menu and an internet-able device you have everything you need to start using OrdrUs.

Do you help me get started?

Yes. We help you roll out service. Many restaurants are reaching fewer customers online than they could. We help fix that.

How do I find out more?

Contact us. We are happy to look over your current operations - online or not - to provide specific advice on how our service can help.

Do you handle payment?

It's coming. We're currently at work on it and are planning in-service payment this Spring.

Can I use OrdrUs with other services?

Yes, absolutely.