Our Pricing

It's easy

We've simplified our pricing and terms. There are two percentage-based pricing tiers. One for simple menus and one for unlimited menus. All other aspects have been eliminated or simplified.

Simple Menus

2.9% of placed order value

Simple menus have up to about 60 items

Unlimited Menus

3.9% of placed order value

Unlimited covers very large menus and restaurants with compelx dayparts

• No Contract

There's nothing to sign or commit to. Service is month-to-month.

• $0 Startup Cost

No cost to start. Your placed-order % is the only cost.

How does pricing work?

We calculate the pre-tax value of orders that flow through your menu and charge your percentage fee on that total. That fee is charged to the credit card on file with us. That is the only charges.

For example, if your Simple menu (2.9% rate) handled $1000 worth of orders (pre-tax), we would charge $29 to your credit card.

Do you handle payment?

We do not handle payment. OrdrUs is focused on order-placing and order fulfillment. Think of it as a replacement for a paper menu and for customers calling in on the phone.

For payment, you would rely on the methods you currently use. If you plan to do Curbside, we recommend restaurants check to see if their payment provider has a mobile-card scanner device or component that can turn a smartphone into a mobile card reader.

Can I quit using your service?

Yes, you can stop at any time, for any reason, effective right away. A final charge would only be for any current balance for orders placed.

What do I need to get started?

If you location has a phone/smartphone and a computer or tablet with internet access, you have everything you need.

The phone is used for call/SMS notifications so you know you have an order to look at. And the computer or tablet is used for viewing orders and interacting with tickets.

Anything else I need to get started?

We need your menu in some form - it can be a file or online. And ideally we need a version of your logo so we can create an ordering menu that fits your current image and brand.

Are you guys easy to reach?

Yes. OrdrUs has been a full-time company for 6 years. Us and our small staff are highly-available seven days a week. Any work or changes you might require are handled on a continuous basis - weekday or weekend makes no difference.

How long does it take to get started?

We can typically have a restaurant up in 2-3 days. This can vary due to our workload and the complexity of a menu but we can usually provide an accurate schedule and there is very little we generally need to wait on. Once we are working, we will get the job done efficiently.

How do I get in touch?

Email works best - use any of the forms on our site. We're always here to read it and will respond promptly.