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How OrdrUs fits your restaurant

Restaurants come in a wide variety of service levels - each with different workflows, markets and needs. That's why flexibility is built in to OrdrUs. With us, for a single set rate you choose the all features that work for your restaurant. Nothing costs extra and everything is under your immediate control.

Restaurants choose which features help them. See how we typically fit different restaurants.

Full Service

• Make Specials Work

Ordering customers tell us they love the unique specials and seasonal items full service restaurants often have. These are foods, ingredients and tastes they cannot find anywhere else. With OrdrUs, you can easily add specials to your menu and also use the posting feature to add backstory and marketing oomph.

• Create Better Takeout

Customers want better takeout options. OrdrUs help you meet that demand without compromising the feel and image that is important to your core business. An OrdrUs menu gives you an instant high-quality 'to go' menu that also fosters the high-touch business full service customers expect.

• Mini Menu

Not all full-service dishes travel well or can be packaged effectively. With OrdrUs, you can post a to-go menu that reflects a limited selection. Limited-scope menus also enjoy a lower rate.

• Cursbide Ordering

Add Curbside to give your business a new dimension without the downsides of delivery. Curbside coordinates customers to your location the moment the order is ready. Your food is fresh and hot - and customers don't have to find a parking spot.

Counter Service

• Dialed-In Menu

The face-to-face nature of counter service means many items customers order get heavily modified and prepared 'just so'. Your OrdrUs menu is up to the task. We encode your menu down to the real specifics of how customers order. They'll order the food they are used to with just a few button presses and without any typing. The results are faster ordering and fewer errors. Both let you handle more business with much greater consistency.

• Notified Pickup

Bottlenecks in ordering are another common counter-service complaint. A customer has to wait on a line to order and then wait to pick up their food. Our Notified Pickup lets a customer skip all the waiting. They place their order online and receive a notification the moment their food is ready for pickup. It's worth noting that it is your regular and best customers that will choose that fast flow. OrdrUs helps you keep them happy and coming back.

• Cursbide Ordering

Add Curbside to give your business a new dimension without the downsides of delivery. Curbside coordinates customers to your location the moment the order is ready. Your food is fresh and hot - and customers don't have to find a parking spot.

Takeout Focused

• Better Search Results

Common takeout cuisines are often specific search terms. For example, customers frequently search with phrases like "tacos near me" or "pizza near me". Our method of encoding your menu and placing it on your site can significantly raise your location's visibility and ranking in search results.

• Awareness Marketing

Takeout focused restaurants often have issues with customer awareness. They don't typically have the foot-traffic or dining-in customers that consistently provide new clientele. OrdrUs marketing features - especially the connection to the local network we provide - give your takeout location a distinct edge in local awareness.

• On Demand Delivery

On-demand delivery helps even if you do your own delivery. If having a single driver is leading to long wait times and service complaints, you can seamlessly route incoming delivery orders to on-demand providers. You'll be able to service more demand and do it efficiently.

• Replace Platforms

Takeout locations often find themselves most dependent - and overly dependent - on 3rd-party platforms such as Seamless, Grubhub. OrdrUs provides all the smarts and features of a platform but works on your terms and preserves the important direct connection you have to customers.

Local Approaches

Your type of area is also an important business variable. It's a challenge OrdrUs meets with unique feature strategies that help your business fit the demands of your locale.

City Locations

City restaurants often have an over-reliance on platform services that eat up their profit margins. OrdrUs allows them to slash costs and restore healthy margins. We expertly add ordering to your web site at no cost so that your site can bring in business directly instead of working merely as a gateway to platform ordering. And our built-in menu SEO helps your restaurant surface in searches ahead of platforms that are trying to front-run your search traffic.

Suburban Locations

Suburban restaurants often have a much larger possible clientele around them than they are able to tap into. Many of those potential customers remain unaware of what a location serves and how they serve it. We help you set up Notified Pickup, Curbside and Delivery workflows so you can engage more potential customers. Our marketing tools will help you connect with and reach the untapped demand that most suburbs have.

Rural Locations

Rural restaurants tend to have a more captive audience but need help consistently keeping that smaller pool of customers interested and engaged. Our menu marketing and menu distribution features work to keep their restaurant front-of-mind and foster vital engagement. OrdrUs on-demand delivery can also help serve customers across a wider area.

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