Your New Best Menu

Your menu is your restaurant's most important asset online. It's like a shop window and front door combined into one. OrdrUs treats it with that importance and with an attention to detail that can help you do more business.

Your Look And Feel

Looking good helps customers feel good about your menu too. It's why OrdrUs designs menu by hand. We don't use templates. Your OrdrUs menu will fit your brand and feel more like a paper menu that just happens to be online.

What's New

Specials, temporary items and promotions help keep customers fresh and noticing. OrdrUs tools help make your menu a lively place so customers stay hooked to it as a source of what's new or different about your menu.

Like A Waiter

OrdrUs ordering is extra fast because we continuously encode items the way people actually order them. Changes people count on are part of each item and available with a touch. That means faster, accurate orders with no need for slowpoke 'special instructions'.

Enjoyably Fast

In real life you would not tolerate staff that work much slower than customers. But many services force you to operate that way online - with fiddly controls and lots of typing.

OrdrUs feels quick. We use a sleek single-page design and custom controls so customers can build and place orders even faster than calling them in on the phone.

Custom Controls

Ordering a pizza is different than ordering a build-your-own salad or a hamburger. OrdrUs has custom controls that let your customers dial in their choices fast and intuitively, with just one finger.

Features Restaurants Love

Really Open

Most ordering services want to turn your customer into one of theirs. That means signing up. And signing in. And opting out, or in.

Customers who just want to place an order hassle-free are essentially turned away. OrdrUs is different - we're open and order. We help you welcome any customer as simply as if they walked in your front door.

Show Up

The way we encode items and set menus helps your restaurant surface in results when customers search for items you serve or ingredients you use.

We also look at your online presence as part of launching service. We help discover where common 3rd-party services are siphoning off your search traffic and we help you make fixes.

Market Changes

Restaurants can only move at the speed customers will notice. And many restaurants would do more with seasonal, temporary and special items if they felt customers would notice.

OrdrUs makes that simple. You can post any sort of temporary item to your menu and call it out in an appealing way customers like. It's fast flexibility you can use to set your location apart.

Easy Updates

Our purpose-built encoding format means your menu updates are simple to do and don't require any downtime or gaps in service. When you have changes, forward them to us in any written form and we make them live quickly.

Menu In A Word

Great menu access online is like having a perfect corner location on Main Street. Where other services try to keep your menu behind their wall, OrdrUs sets your menu free to go anywhere you are online.

Each OrdrUs menu has a short, legible link the menu opens from. Include your memorable link in any profile or posts anywhere online and customers can open your menu and ordering right from there.