Your New Best Ordering

Order Types

Our range of ordering types helps your location fit the needs of more customers, more easily, and more often. Each type can be set independently so you can shape online business to fit your staffing and traffic levels.

Order Ahead

Easy OrdrUs order-ahead encourages customers to make your place a first choice. They get used to checking your menu and placing an order practically as quick as they can think of it.

We pair our exceptional ease-of-use with an ability to open for on any kind of device instantly - with no downloading or updating ever.

Notified Pickup

Notified Pickup is an option you can offer alongside regular pickup ordering.

When a customer order is up, you can trigger an alert back to customers letting them know their food is ready. It lets them skip standing aroung and also gets your food out at peak freshness. It's smooth business everyone loves.


Offer curbside with OrdrUs. Curbside works well wherever parking is tight, wherever the weather can be an issue and for restaurants that have significant "kid" clientele.


Run delivery easily with orders preformatted with information you need. Set delivery on it's own schedule, with order minimums, delivery charges, estimated wait times and delivery instructions.


OrdrUs helps customers give constructive, private feedback to your restaurant.

Feedback is private to the restaurant owner and helps you note issues before they cause headaches. It's structured data you can actively set and use to adjust everything from service down to individual items.

Instant Help

OrdrUs customers don't frequently need help but we realize that when you do, you need it right now. We make it easy to reach our direct support quickly and without any help-desk hoops to jump through online.

OrdrUs service provides daily outreach which helps you stay on top of online business effortlessly and gives you a structured place to make adjustments on the fly.