How To Start

First - Ask Us Any Questions

Let's make sure OrdrUs is a fit for what you need to accomplish. Let us respond to your questions or set up a time when we can call you back.

What You Need On Location

Your location needs a phone or smartphone - that's for the automatic notifications that will trigger to you when an order comes in.

You location also needs a computer or tablet that can run a web browser and go on the internet. This is to view your orders. You'll see the on a web-based panel. There is nothing to download.

What We Will Need From You

We create an ordering menu with its own web address. In order to do this, we need your current menu and your logo assets as some sort of digital file.

Customers can use your ordering menu from its direct web address. This is especially easy, as you can post that address anywhere you can post a link. However, you may want to add ordering to your web site. you need to be able to grant us temporary access.

How Fast It Can Start

The time-consuming parts are encoding a menu and waiting for responses to necessary menu questions. A straightforward menu and an owner available to dial things makes things move quickly. Under these circumstances, new service can be live in 2-3 days.

There's Always Help

OrdrUs has operated successfully for six years. Our customers don't often require help but when they do, they know they can trust us to be available and have the experience to solve any issue.