How Our Ordering Helps

Our ordering was built to fit your customers. Now it helps them fit your business.

Our ordering includes a range of order types that fit the different needs of your customers. Every customer can use your ordering instantly from your online menu. There is nothing to download.

Your Order Options

Pickup Ordering

Customers can place traditional pickup orders through your menu. These will trigger a robocall and/or SMS to your restaurant to let you know to check your order panel from whichever computer or tablet you have onsite.

Pickup Ping

Pickup Ping is something your customer can choose during Pickup ordering. It lets them receive a custom SMS from your location when their order is ready. You trigger that SMS to them by touching a button on their placed order.

Pickup Ping lets customers wait where they are comfortable and only come into the store the moment their order is ready.

Curbside Ordering

Curbside ordering works for customers in cars, on bike or with strollers who wish to have their order brought out to them. They'll place orders with their vehicle details and receive an automatic SMS from your location with instructions on where to wait.

Once they arrive, they simply reply to that SMS. Inside your location, you get a notification informing you which customer has arrived.

Delivery Ordering

Customers can place orders for delivery, with all the relevant details. You can provide them with instructions on your delivery zone, set a delivery minimum and also apply a delivery charge if you wish.

Customers can provide special delivery instructions. As with all our workflows, you can set Delivery to be an option only on certain days or times.

Be Really Flexible

All ordering workflows can be set on a schedule including days and times. For example, you can only offer Delivery at certain times or on certain days.

You can also offer different menus at different times of day or on different days. For example, a Brunch menu on the weekends or a Snack menu just in the afternoons.

Get Your Menu Out There

Getting your menu in people's hands is a key to ordering success. That's why we make it so easy to do - no matter how a customer finds or keeps track of your restaurant.

Be Everywhere

Each OrdrUs menu has a short, memorable link it opens from. You can add your link to emails, social media and SMS or write it or print it anywhere - like receipts, signage, and more.

Ordering From Social Media

Post your menu link to Facebook, Twitter and more. Customers can open ordering right from there. It's also smart to add your link in when you post about your items, menu or specials.

On Your Site

If you can provide access to your own site, we can add an ordering button to your web site at no charge.

Stuff Your Customers Will Love

OrdrUs also works hard to make ordering something your customers find easy and accessible.

Enjoyably Fast

In real life you would not tolerate staff that work much slower than customers. But many services force you to operate that way online - with fiddly controls and lots of typing.

OrdrUs feels quick. We use a single-page design and custom controls so customers can build and place orders even faster than calling them in on the phone.

Your Look And Feel

Looking good helps customers feel good about your menu too. It's why OrdrUs designs menu by hand. We don't use templates. Your OrdrUs menu will fit your brand and feel more like a paper menu that just happens to be online.

Like A Waiter

OrdrUs encodes your items the way people actually order them. Changes people count on are part of each item and available with a touch. That means faster, accurate orders with no need for slowpoke 'special instructions'. Customers like that too.

No Signup

Your customers use your ordering menu as easily as they would a paper menu. That means nothing to download. No signup, login or password. And they can use your menu on any device - computer, smartphone or tablet.